Hello, our names are John, and Evan. We are the owners of JLE Electrical Ltd. We opened JLE because of lack of quality, and care in our industry. The 2000 boom that engulfed Edmonton, saw alot of contractors that realized they could make a quick buck by hiring alot of apprentices and very few Journeymen/woman. With ratios as high as 1:16, that's one Journey-person, per sixteen apprentices! The work we have seen happen has been very poor, and quit frankly we have told many people I will never buy a home bought during the "boom". At JLE we want to take a path less walked, and even though we know it will cut into our "bottom end", we want to keep our ratio as close to 1:1. Why you ask? Because first of all, that's what the apprenticeship guidelines state the ratio NEEDS to be. And second of all, YOU! as a customer, or contractor are paying for a qualified Electrician. However when our up and coming apprentices are at the stage where we feel they can leave the nest and do jobs on their own, we will send them out into the world to work on their own. It is a vital part of the apprenticeship program. Rest assured though, that through our Quality Control practices, we will make sure that their work is done to OUR standards, not just minimum code. That's where our customer satisfaction surveys, and Journeymen visits to site come in.