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When do I need a permit?
Any new electrical installation requires a permit. Electrical maintenance replacing similar devices does not require a permit, but all electrical work should be performed by a licensed and insured electrician.
Do you have warranty?
We have a one year warranty on material and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. We strive for customer satisfaction and excellence in our trade.
What does a GFCI plug and/or breaker do?
GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. An electrical circuit must have the same amount of power coming back as what goes out. A GFCI detects when there is a very small variance in the amount of power coming back. Once this difference is detected, it will shut down the circuit to protect you, the person, not the equipment.
What is an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breaker and why do I need to have one?
An AFCI breaker looks like a GFCI breaker, but its function is different. GFCIs were designed to protect persons and AFCIs are to protect the structure/building. An AFCI will trip due to arcing on an electrical circuit. Arcing can occur when something has pierced a wire or when there is a loose connection anywhere along a circuit. This is the main cause of electrical fires and the AFCI breakers were designed to better protect homes from fire. If arcing is detected, the breaker will trip and shut down the entire circuit. At this point, we would recommend calling us to inspect your home and that particular circuit because the issue can be anywhere along a circuit.
What are tamper-resistant plugs?
Tamper-resistant plugs look just like regular plugs except they have plastic guards in the straight openings that prevent you from being able to stick something in one or the other. You must be plugging something into both openings at the same time, or you will not be able to get anything in the plug. This was done to help prevent children from sticking bobby pins or other small metal objects into the “hot” openings of your plugs.
What is the benefit of whole house surge suppression, if any?
Whole house surge suppression will protect everything in your home instead of just one piece of equipment that is plugged into a surge suppressor.
What is the most energy-efficient lighting for my house?
By far the most energy efficient lighting available right now is LED
To save on costs, should I buy the parts and hire an electrician to install them?
While it may be tempting to go to your local hardware or home improvement store and buy all the parts you need instead of having the electrician purchase them, you are going to be missing a key element. The electrician will not warranty the parts you buy yourself. This means that if you buy the parts and have the electrician install them, then something goes wrong with the part within the first year, it will be your responsibility to buy a new part and hire the electrician to install the new part. If you let the electrician purchase the parts from the outset of your project, they will warranty the parts so if something goes wrong in the first year they will come out and replace the part free of charge. They will also ensure you have the correct parts, which will lead to less labor costs.
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