Don't compromise on the safety of your home and family

With JLE, you will have a certified Electrician performing your security installations. Not a "technician" with as little as a few months training.

security devices

Our standard 50 point package comes with over $1400 worth of equipment. The DSC Alexor panel, (1) Line filter (1) keypad, (2) door contacts, (1) 60lb pet immune motion sensor, (1) 24 hour monitored smoke detector, (1) low temperature monitor, and a 2 way wireless key-fob that will let you know if your system has been armed, or disarmed.

Do not let other company's fool you with low cost systems that "plug and play". Most of these systems plug in under your bed, or are part of the keypad. If the intruder rips the keypad off the wall, or unplugs the panel before the alarm is sent out, the monitoring station will not receive the signal. They also do not offer line seizure capability's, which means if you are on the phone, they can not send out an alarm.

For under $33 a month, with your first 6 months of monitoring for free, on a 60 month agreement, you will own your alarm system. All of our systems are monitored by SecurTek. SecurTek has two state-of-the-art ULC listed monitoring facilities that meet or exceed the highest industry standards, with regards to redundancy, staffing requirements, response procedures , computer and back-up power systems

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